Bird Breeds

We breed a variety of cage birds including:

  • Lady Gouldian Finches
  • Red Faced Parrot Finches
  • Sea Green Parrot Finches
  • Blue Faced Parrot Finches
  • Fire Finches
  • Strawberry Finches
  • Raza Espanola Canaries
  • Yorkshire Canaries
  • Gloster Canaries
  • Red Factor Canaries

Because we do not import or buy to sell, availability depends upon how the season did and demand. Please view our list of birds for sale to see mature birds currently for sale.

Bird Seasons

There are natural breeding seasons for most bird types. For example, most canary breeders set their birds up in January and Lady Gouldian finches breed better starting in September because it is the beginning of Spring in Australia where they originate. We typically follow natural seasons for the species, but not always. Our resting room is equipped with lighting on timers to simulate the seasons which allows us to breed some species year round. While we breed a number of species, the availability may be seasonal for some.

Mature Birds

Before selling any bird, we like to wait until it reaches a healthy maturity age. This gives time for the bird to be proven in regards to health. It also allows enough time for the colors to come out. This is expecially true for breeds with color mutations such as a Pied Parrot Finch or a Lady Gouldian Finch.