Bird Breeder

Bird Breeder

The Bird Schack breeds a variety of cage birds including finches, wax bills and canaries. We specialize in producing quality birds in premium condition. All of our birds are fed diets that veterinarians and bird nutrition experts endorse for optimal health.

To see a full list of the birds we breed, visit the Bird Breeds Overview page. To see the current birds available for sale visit the Birds For Sale section.

Featured Article

Raza Espanol Canary The Raza Espanola Canary is a little sweetheart bound to charm most canary enthusiastes. It is one of the smallest of the canary family yet still has the powerful song so many enjoy. Little information is readily available on this breed, so we've put together a page to cover the basics and finer points. We hope you will enjoy it. Learn the standards for this exceptional breed.

The Engineered Bird Room

The Engineered Bird Room See how Bird Schack sets up our own space. Efficiency is at the heart of our design. We enjoy our birds and would rather spend more time watching them then cleaning and feeding. Between an automated watering system and cage accessory design, daily maintenance is minimized and vacations are possible! Tour the Engineered Bird Room